Belgian GP at Spa

This weekend F1 gets back to business with the Belgian GP at Spa.

Daniel Ricciardo is on a high after winning in Hungary last time out, but he has to be realistic about this weekend. The REd Bull with its underpowered Renault engine will struggle to match the Mercedes, so Dan will be looking to score some solid points, rather than aim for the win.

Spa is one of my favourite races of the season - I love the track and the setting in the Ardennes Forest, the history is really strong here also. This is the 70th Grand Prix in Belgium and this is a track which really sorts out the men from the boys.

That's especially true this year given that the 2014 cars have less downforce at the rear and that will mean that they will not be able to take the daunting Eau Rouge corner easily flat out. They will have to build up to it.

The main talking point this weekend is that next year we will have a 17 year old on the grid for the first time in the sport's history. Max Verstappen is here in Spa this weekend doing some media rounds and getting a feel for what he has let himself in for next year with Toro Rosso.

He looks very young, but he has had a fantastic career so far in karting. He's a world champion and has won eight races so far this season in European F3.

I'm worried that 17 is too young, but Toro Rosso had an opening with Jean Eric Vergne at the end of his allotted three years and overlooked for the Red Bull seat this year in favour of Dan Ricciardo, so they have taken an aggressive decision to promote Verstappen. Red Bull loves coverage and they've had plenty with this decision and will gets lot more next season when Verstappen makes his debut. But young drivers make mistakes and it's better if they make them in junior categories. Toro Rosso and the other drivers will have to be tolerant.