About the Show

The Teens channel features a factual opinion based show that allows the characters to voice their concerns and rally their viewers around issues and topics that are important to them.

Every afternoon our 5 teens gather in a ramshackle make shift studio space they have created, in order to produce and record their YouTube show. It’s a lot of work and the drama of their lives and personalities creates great comedic conflict as they try to stay on task and get their show out before they have to be at training, do homework and combat their teen social pressures.

Each episode will skilfully, through comedy, bring to the surface social, political and environmental issues and topics from a teens perspective. These episodic themes will be carried through to the YouTube content the teens are producing.

Their greatest obstacle is their local Mayor, an ignorant opinionated selfish villain who creates havoc within the community and motivates the teens to GET INVOLVED and stand up for what they believe.