FFA Cup 2021 Draw Principles

The FFA Cup 2021 Competition Draw principles are designed to principles are designed to provide the guidelines and process for the competition's draw procedure for 2021.

The principles aim to supplement the FFA Cup Competition Regulations (Clause 9), to provide a structure and sequence towards the conduct of the competition draw.


As per previous instalments of the FFA Cup, the following draw principles will remain for 2021:

All FFA Cup Final Rounds matches will be scheduled via a live draw.

Each FFA Cup Final Round will be placed in a ball pot.

  • In accordance with clause 22.1 (b) for Final Rounds matches other than the FFA Cup Final, the Home Club for each FFA Cup Match will be determined as follows:
    • Where FFA Cup matches involve only Member Federation Clubs, the first drawn club;
    • Where FFA Cup Matches involve a Member Federation Club and an A-League Club, the Member Federation Club; and
    • Where the FFA Cup Matches involve only A-League Clubs, the first drawn Club.
  • In accordance with clause 22.1(c) of the regulations, in all instances, Wellington Phoenix FC will be deemed the Away Club irrespective of whether it is the first drawn club.

As has been communicated, there are changes to the competition format which impact the principles, those changes being:

  • From the Round of 16 onwards, the competition will be played nationally, and the draw will open.

Round Of 32

  • The FFA Cup ROund of 32 will played over four match days in August if possilbe (exact dates tbc)
  • FFA Cup Round of 32 entrant clubs will be placed into four zones at the discretion of Football Australia.
  • Each zone will be drawn in alphabetical order in pot:
    • Zone Draw 1
    • Zone Draw 2
    • Zone Draw 3
    • Zone Draw 4
  • Clubs will have their names placed into balls which will be drawn, opened and revealed.
  • Once one zone draw has been completed all balls will be cleared and the new entries will be placed in the pot for the next Zone Draw

Round of 16, Quarter and Semi-Finals

  • From the Round of 16 onwards (excluding the Cup Final), all participating Clubs will be placed n one pot and drawn in an open draw.
  • Clubs will have their names placed into balls which will be drawn, opened and reveled.

Cup Final

  • A live draw will be conducted at the conclusion of the FFA Cup Semi-Finals to determine the host city of the Cup Final.
  • The qualifying Clubs for the Cup Final will be both placed into balls and into a pot.
  • The first drawn Club will earn hosting rights for the Cup Final, however the selection of the Venue for the Cup Final will be at the sole and absolute discretion of Football Australia.

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