Fear Factor Is Back And Packing The Ultimate Scare: Breaking Your Phone

Yep the classic competition that pushes people to their limits is back and with it a cruel new twist.

While thankfully we won’t have to see as many bull testicle eating challenges this time around, the show’s new host Ludacris has taken things to the next level and brought every millennial's greatest fear to life: destroying their phone.

In a similar format to the original, four teams of two go head-to-head in a series of challenges in order to win $50,000. The challenges are set in three rounds, Beat the Beast, Face your Fear, and The Final Fear.

In a few sneak peeks of episodes, Luda forces teams to dig through maggots, face electric shocks and even do a running relay with scorpions clawing at their faces. But it’s the phone torture that really has us shaking our heads thinking we could NEVER do that.

One challenge sees couples in a tank rapidly filling with water, with a simple task of staying in there as long as possible as their heads are quickly submerged underwater. They can also attempt to drink as much of the water as they can to slow the eventual but when the water reached a certain level it wasn’t their faces that would be completely submerged but one of their actual phones.

But the real scares are in the classic tasks and challenges. In the season premiere, teams of siblings are put to the test when they are put into holding cells in a morgue with one chained up and the other in a vacuum-sealed bag.


Racing against the clock in the pitch dark to free themselves fighting against claustrophobia, heat, and panic. We’re pretty happy just watching on from the couch, thanks.

Thankfully not everyone’s device is under siege, and you (and your phone) can enjoy some classic thrills, spills, and a whole lot of screams when Fear Factor episodes hit 10 Shake and 10 play.

Fear Factor airs Saturdays at 7.30 on 10 Shake or catch up on episodes on 10 play