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Ham Hock Croquette, Smoked Kewpie, Spicy Vanilla Pineapple Chutney

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  • Start the nage from cold start in a pot adding all the ingredients and the ham hock and allow to simmer on low heat for 3 hours or until the meat is completely falling off the bone.
  • When cooked allow to cool in the liquid to avoid the ham hock loosing some of it’s moisture
  • Shred the ham hock and put aside

For the béchamel

  • Start up by making a roux with the butter and the flour
  • Add on the warm milk and cook whisking continually to avoid the béchamel to catch
  • Add on the rest of the ingredients but the cheese ( add it when the béchamel will be cold)
  • Put aside to cool down.

Smoked kewpie method

  • In a deep gastro tray put some kewpie mayo in a container (heatproof) with a piece of smoking wood (ironbark) and put a lid on allowing to smoke for 5 minutes
  • Mix taste and repeat the smoking process if necessary to intensify the taste.

Pineapple chutney

  • Split open the vanilla pod and put the seeds in a saucepan
  • Dice the pineapple and add to the saucepan with the rest of the ingredients cook in low heat for 1 hour or until cooked down.

Croquette method

  • Mix well the béchamel, the grated cheese and the shredded ham hock and put in a pipping bag (the mix need to be cold before to be pipped)
  • Pipe into a cylinder, wrap in cling film and allow to freeze
  • Cut into 5cm batons and pane a l’anglaise (flour, egg wash, Japanese bread crumb)
  • Gently place into a pot of hot canola oil at 180C and deep fry until golden brown and cooked
  • Remove from the oil and season immediately
  • Serve with the smoked Kewpie mayo and pineapple chutney