'My Dream Gig': Harley Breen Giggles His Way Through Drunk History

When the producers of Drunk History Australia approached comedian Harley Breen to be part of the series, it was an instantaneous 'yes'.

Chatting to 10 play over the phone, Harley said he was approached before the season had gone into production just to gauge his interest.

"I was like, 'Are you serious? Yes! You're going to pay me to get drunk and talk s***? That's my dream gig!"

Specifically requesting the story of the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860, Harley sat down for a beer (and then many more beers after that) to recount his version of the ill-fated tale of Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills.

"Aside from the specific story of Burke and Wills, there's a lot of history like this where we're led to believe these great explorers did this great thing," Harley said.

"But when you dig deep you're like, no they were morons who had no idea what they were doing and just walked to their imminent deaths and we shouldn't revere them at all," he added, laughing.

"I mean, the tragic loss of life aside, they took a Chinese gong into the desert!"

"They weren't the best for the job, they were just the ones in the position of privilege to be able to do the job. There were so many other people like -- I don't know -- the Indigenous people who lived here for 60,000 years, that could have done the job way better!"

After a few beers, a very giggly Harley stumbles his way through the story of the expedition and despite his inebriation, he delivers quite a lot of facts throughout.

"We followed the rules of responsible service of alcohol... I got to the point where things were becoming a bit funnier for me," Harley said, explaining that he had a few dot-points and a producer on-hand to keep him on track.

"I think there was a point at the end where one of the producers was like, 'Harley, can you just say that point again?' And I was like, 'WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT?'"

As Harley told the story, Osher Günsberg and James Matheson were tasked with reenacting it.

"I just did the telling, I didn't know who they'd cast for the reenactment and Osher's a mate of mine, he text me just talking about how inebriated I was and he was having fun doing it," Harley said.

"I was like, that's a brilliant bit of casting."

Though they were having a lot of fun, Osher apparently told Harley it wasn't the easiest job.

"They did say it was quite difficult to follow my speech patterns," Harley said, laughing. "They don't act drunk, they're acting sober but using my words, so that's a difficult thing to do because by the end of it I'm like, annnywayyyyy," he said, slurring his words.

Though it was a dream-come-true job for Harley, the next day was a different story.

"I was in Sydney filming and I had to fly to Adelaide to do a gig with Merrick Watts in a winery in front of 1,000 people," Harley recounted.

"The last thing I wanted to do was be anywhere near a winery. I got there and all my mates were like, 'You look rubbish, what were you doing last night?' I went, 'I WAS WORKING I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW! I was at work!'"

Drunk History Australia Begins Monday, 14th September at 9.30 on 10