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Diana's Decades - S1 Ep. 3
PG | Documentary

Air Date: Thu 22 Jul 2021

Princess Diana was an icon who both captured and transformed the spirt of the times. To what extent did Diana help to shape the 90s, and what was her legacy? Host: Sandra Sully.


About the Show

Nearly 25 years on from her tragic death, Diana, Princess of Wales continues to lead news bulletins and conversations around the world.

Diana’s Decades takes a fresh approach to recounting her life and legacy, by looking at how she transformed not just the monarchy, but also society.

Drawing on never-heard-before testimony and rarely seen archive footage, the three-part series goes behind-the-scenes to provide a vivid insight into the complex woman behind the media image, a tabloid obsession, a wife in a tumultuous marriage, a devoted mother, a humanitarian icon and arguably the world’s most hunted person.