About the Show

“Life is short, so make it sweet!”

There has never been a time to travel Australia!

Welcome to Destination Dessert your one stop shop for all things sweet. Join us as we travel across Australia, taking the roads less traveled, supporting local and discovering a world a flavour in our own backyard.

Our first series takes us across NSW, taking the detours, to taste, experience and learn, after all thats what life is all about. This flavour filled series brings you the very best things in life with a sprinkle of sugar!

Destination Dessert combines food with adventure, offering travel tips and insights into the best local spots to eat in each region.

If you love travel and food, this series is for you! The long way is always the best way, so join us, as we explore this beautiful country we call home, reminding you that life is short- so make it sweet!