About the Show

After Dee finally breaks up with her on and off again long term boyfriend, she moves in with her best friend Kate. Complete opposites, the two girls navigate through reckless late twenties and try to deal with “adult” life in their own unapologetic way.

Dee, being a neurotic mess, and Kate, a blunt hard-cased free bird... What on Earth could possibly go wrong?

Based on real women's stories (with a little creative licence), Dee-Brief is a touching and hilarious dramedy that explores the all too familiar territory of discovering yourself after a long term break up. But, most of all, it is a love letter to the friendships which form so much of who we are.

A completely improvised series, Creator/Producer Jessica Pearce collaborated with Writer/Director Sarah Hickey and Actor/Co-Writer's Alexandra Hines and Chloe Martin to bring Dee-Brief to life.

With a Female-Driven team, Dee-Brief tells a universal story through a never-before-seen lens. Embraced by both, male and female audiences this story is both relatable and entertaining.