8 Times Daria Was All Of Us in 2021

Daria was relevant then and the show is even more relevant now!

We collected eight quotes that prove Daria is the sarcastic queen of 2021.

1. Waking up and remembering the state of the world

2. Becoming too comfortable working from home

3. Buying a Polaroid camera because everyone else has

4. Procrastinating, which involves doing a personality quiz that leads to “breakthroughs”

5. Pretending to be interested in the 'All Too Well' short film with a co-worker/Swiftie

6. Reacting to Shawn and Camila's break-up

7. In the Uber home, first night out post-lockdown

8.  Buying an $80 silk pillowcase that doesn't "cure" your acne

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