Crocamole - S3 Ep. 1
P | Kids

The trio have a piratey day today as the set sail in a pirate ship and make a pirate pizza face.

About the Show

Crocamole is the crafty cooking show that captures the imagination while secretly teaching kids what foods to eat to keep them healthy. Even the fussiest of eaters will want to get in the kitchen and try these easy to make creations.

In the Crocamole kitchen the magical all fruits tree bursts in through the window and veggies grow up the wall; you’ve never seen food like this before! Join Croc the cheeky crocodile, Molly the punky rainbow sprite and inventor chef Truffle, as they sing, dance and play, exploring food in a crafty way. Mix, make, bake, cutter, butter, create! From being kitchen detectives discovering new and exotic foods to having a visit from their buddies from all over the world, these guys think nothing of turning fruit into rockets and sandwiches into crazy characters.

Each episode is jam packed with exciting, colourful easy to make crafty food creations, right from chef Truffle’s mind. Molly always has a song and game to share and Croc keeps everyone laughing. Together this crazy bunch take you on a journey through the food we eat every day, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.