5 Reasons We're Nuts About Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Don’t let the title mislead you; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is too busy breaking the TV mould to bother with tired tropes of women scorned. Part comedy, part drama, part musical, this tale of a successful yet miserable Manhattan lawyer who turns her life upside down on a romantic whim has justifiably had US audiences and critics singing its praises. Here are five reasons we can’t wait for the craziness to hit ELEVEN…

1. It’s a critical darling

Given the rave reviews and creator-star Rachel Bloom’s Golden Globe accolade, it’s hard to believe Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was rejected multiple times, and even dropped by a network before finally seeing the light of day. Bloom’s win for her three-dimensional portrayal of a woman pushed over the edge by heartbreak was no mean feat, given she beat the esteemed likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Gina Rodriguez, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Lily Tomlin to the statuette.

crazy ex girlfriend channel eleven

2. It’s a musical marvel

Don’t think a show about an unhinged ex-girlfriend who breaks into ballads to cope with her feelings could be one of TV’s best? Sing that scepticism away, jump on the crazy train and give these musical numbers a watch.

3. It keeps it real

The past year was testament to the fact that television is becoming increasingly nuanced in its portrayal of depression and anxiety, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is no exception. Refusing to shy away from the complexities of mental illness, the show’s brilliance lies in juxtaposing the loud, ridiculous musical numbers with the truth of Rebecca’s loneliness. You won’t find any rose-tinted glasses here.

crazy ex girlfriend channel eleven

4. It’s fiercely feminist

The title may sound regressive, but it’s completely tongue-in-cheek. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend spends far more time navigating the intricacies of Rebecca Bunch’s mind than pondering on love interest Josh. The show hilariously claps back at the hysterical woman cliché by depicting the consequences of Rebecca’s flaws through her own experiences, not those of her ex.

5. It’s heartbreakingly relatable

Okay, so maybe we haven’t all packed up our lives and moved across the country in pursuit of the one that got away, but who hasn’t done a little social stalking on Facebook or Twitter, and maybe even liked an Instagram post when we were 72 weeks deep? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend explores the debilitating effects of heartbreak in the modern age with refreshing and striking honesty.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premieres 8.30 tonight on ELEVEN