Confessions Of A Telly Addict

We fire some quick-fire questions at Couch Time’s new presenter and self-confessed “big dork”, Carina Waye

Can you tell the viewers a little about yourself?

- Born and bred in Melbourne, VIC – never lived anywhere else so I’m very excited to get to know Brisbane!

- Have a degree in Music Theatre from the Victorian College of The Arts

- Toured Australia with kids shows Peppa Pig (also toured Asia with Peppa Pig) and Scooby-Doo

- LOVE my coffee! Not sure how I’ll go without my favourite Melbourne places!!

What qualities do you think you’ll bring to the couch as the new host of Couch Time?

Gift of the gab that’s for sure! I’m silly and playful and a goof - I’m just a big dork really, so I hope that comes across.

Couch Time is a show hosted by TV addicts for TV addicts – what are some of your can’t-miss shows?

Bloody love The Bachelor Australia!! It broke my heart that Heather got cut! I also get obsessed with MasterChef. It makes me feel really inadequate as a cook but I can’t get enough.

What’s the biggest TV binge-watch you’ve ever done?

The entire first season of Game of Thrones… in 48 hours. I literally could not stop watching. Still can’t!

Who are some of your favourite TV characters?

Harold from Neighbours – just such a classic guy! I grew up watching him, he feels like my grandpa.

Phil Dunphy from Modern Family cracks me up and I think Sophia Vergara (Gloria) is such a well-written and hilarious character. She’s brilliant.

If you could bring one show back to TV, what would it be?

Sex and the City – I wish there were endless episodes. I’ve seen the entire series a million times so a new season (or four) of SATC would be amazing.  'Carrie and Big – The Married Years'.

Are there any particular current TV storylines you’re dying to see the outcome of?

I’m loving Neighbours' Piper – she’s feisty and fun. I wonder what kind of mischief she’ll get up to with that gorgeous Tyler Brennan?

Can we play a little word association game? What jumps into your head when we say…

Billy Bentley: Hair

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Tucker Trial: NO!

Paul Robinson: Nasty Pasty

Carpool Karaoke: BRILLIANT! I love James Cordon – I’d love to carpool karaoke with him some day!

Couch Time airs 4.00 weekdays on ELEVEN