About the Show

Hosted by the fabulous and extremely talented Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Changing Rooms transforms the homes and lives of everyday Australians on a budget.

Joining Natalie will be four exceptional and remarkably creative Australian designers: Tim Leveson, Jane Thomson, Chris Carroll and Naomi Findlay, who will motivate the couples with inspiring design input and the freedom to be bold and take risks.

Each week over two episodes, two couples swap homes and are tasked with making over three rooms in five days with a $20,000 budget.

The participants - either family, neighbours or best friends - will give up the keys to their most prized possession, their home. The very place they call their own, where they have shared their most treasured memories and where they can escape the world and feel the most content and safe.

Halfway through the makeover, and after two room reveals, the couples will meet for dinner for an open and honest discussion and where they can bring to light any major issues or concerns for their final room reveal. They couples are then given a surprise $1000 gift to put all the lessons they have learned into action for one last standout design feature in the final room reveal.

The designers will introduce colour, texture, flair and affordable tips and design hacks that everyday DIYers can try at home. With a little know-how and a splash of confidence, homeowners can transform their home into a liveable masterpiece

Adding value to their home life, Changing Rooms will enhance the lifestyles and invigorate the families that reside there.

Changing Rooms premieres 7.30 Wednesday February 13 on 10 and 10 play