Buffy Slays Her Way Onto ELEVEN

Everyone’s favourite stake-wielding, comeback-armed, pop culture icon is saving the world (a lot) all over again, Mondays on ELEVEN

It’s been over 20 years since Buffy Summers first dusted someone on TV, but Joss Whedon’s game-changing ‘90s action hero still raises the pulse of anyone who’s actually got one. Well, Buffy fans, prepare for your hearts to beat even faster – ELEVEN’s replaying the ground-breaking series from the very start.

Kicking off with a double episode, 8.30 Monday 12 March, Buffy The Vampire Slayer will transport you back to Sunnydale circa ‘97, when Miss Summers will still the new girl with the school gym-torching rep. When the Scooby Gang had yet to assemble, the Hellmouth still to truly show its teeth, and a tall drink of water named Angel was still a good season away from proving that Slayer-vampire relations aren’t especially good for the soul.

Relive all the moments that cemented Buffy’s undisputed place in TV’s Hall Of Fame, from the silent brilliance of Hush to the all-singing, all-dancing Once More, With Feeling. Rewind to when Xander and Cordy first locked lips, or when Willow’s vamprific doppelganger first uttered the immortal words, “Bored now.”

So join Buffy the Vampire Slayer as she keeps evil at bay, all without quaking in her stylish yet affordable boots, from Monday 12 March on ELEVEN, and on tenplay. And if the apocalypse comes in the meantime, beep her.

Catch Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning, starting 8.30 Monday 12 March on ELEVEN, and catch up on tenplay