Q and A Lisa Chimes

Bondi Vet fan Charlie H. asks Dr Lisa Chimes about becoming a Veterinarian.

Charlie H asks: How did you get through school and all the hard work to become a Veterinarian?

Becoming a vet is not an easy task - it took many years of hard work and studying. I have always loved animals and wanted to become a vet from a very young age. During high school, I enjoyed science, maths and visual arts - I loved learning about how the world worked and had a strong interest in medicine. I studied biology, chemistry and physics, which gave me a solid grounding for science at university. After finishing school, I enrolled at the University of Sydney in a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. It took five years of university study to learn about all the animals we look after as vets - we learnt about what makes a normal animal in terms of anatomy and physiology, and then we learnt about animal diseases and how to treat them.

During the first few years of vet school, we spent many hours in lectures and laboratories. In the final years, there was a lot of hands-on practical work on farms and in vet hospitals. Even though I learnt so much during university, it was not until I graduated, that I learnt most of my skills. It’s important to remember that even though one has qualified as a vet, we need to keep up with studying long after university because science is constantly changing - this way, vets can ensure that they are always up to date with the latest advances in animal treatments, which enables us to be the best veterinarians we can possibly be!