Bird Facts

Did you know that a duck's quack doesn't echo and nobody knows why? Learn more facts about birds below!

• The hummingbird is the only bird known that can fly backwards.

• The wandering albatross has the largest wingspan of any bird of up to 11ft.

• A hummingbird’s egg is about the size of a pea.

• The first bird domesticated by mankind was the goose.

• Emus are not able to walk backwards.

• The albatross is able to sleep and fly at the same time!

• A group of owls is known as a parliament.

• Penguins cannot fly though they can swim.

• A group of crows is known as a murder.

• Ducks only lay their eggs in the morning.

• The turkey was named for what was wrongly thought to be its country of origin.

• Owls cannot move their eyes, though to compensate can move their heads almost 360 degrees.