Dean Gladstone

Dean Gladstone

Even as a kid, Deano wanted to be a lifesaver because he always wanted to ride the lifesaver quad bikes!

Where did you work before Bondi, and what made you chose Bondi?

Before lifeguarding, I was a plumber. How good was my change of career? Best thing I've ever done. Now I work with a lot of my best friends.

What's the most intense rescue you've been a part of?

A doctor was struck by lightning; we picked him up and transported him to shelter under a tunnel. While we were performing CPR on him, his friends (also doctors) were arguing with us – until they realised we knew what we were doing!

Have you ever been scared for your life?

Diving down to the shark nets with Reidy after a shark attack was pretty scary.

What do you think are the most important characteristics of a lifeguard?

Having people skills and lateral thinking on your feet. A situation can turn from fun-and-games to life-and-death in a heartbeat. Does this keep your adrenaline rushing all the time? It sure does!

We did an experiment one day with GPS and heart rate monitors, which showed the physical stress of lifeguarding. On a busy day we're buzzing and then get home and sleep like a baby!

What was your first rescue like?

Easy, the next 19 in 2 hours opened my eyes though, all on Christmas Day.

Have women ever claimed to be in danger just to have a handsome lifeguard save them?

Everyone does, to get a ride on the jet-ski's!