The Scariest Thing in the Water

What scares lifeguards in the water?

They might spend their life at the beach, but lifeguards still aren't invincible in the water! We ask the Bondi Rescue lifeguards - 'What's the scariest thing in the water?' Their answers may surprise you!

Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins
"The scariest thing in the water would probably have to be when a shark comes through. We’ve often seen a few over the years, and touch-wood it’s all been good over the last 80 years!"

Dean ‘Deano’ Gladstone
"The scariest thing in the ocean is the things you can’t control, and so I sort of think of sharks and really big waves… and maybe rocks."

Nicola Atherton
"Scariest thing in the water for me is definitely sharks. I do believe Bondi’s got a bit of a bubble around it, and I don’t think about it so much down here – It’s not completely on my mind. But, if I’m travelling up or down the coast surfing, it’s something that’s definitely on the radar!"

Harrison Reid
"The scariest thing in the water? It’s probably seaweed… I hate standing on it! Anything else is fine – Sharks – Gold as gold, but seaweed – My worst is probably that!"

Jethro James
"Blue bottles. All day. 100% - I’ve been stung – I hate it."

Juliana Bahr-Thomson
"I don’t know – I feel so calm and at piece and comfortable in the water…. Yeah, my fears are on land, not water."

Michael ‘Mouse’ Jenkinson
"For me, just literally really, really big waves. Most people probably say they’re scared of sharks or currants or rips or whatever – I’m sweet with sharks, I’ll swim with 100, but I don’t really like surfing monster waves like the rest of the boys here."