Top 3 Tips for Surviving a Summer at Bondi Beach

Get your Bondi survival tips from the lifeguards who know best!

Some of our Bondi Rescue lifeguards share their top 3 tips for surviving a summer at Bondi beach!

Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins
"My top 3 tips to survive a summer would be make sure you’ve got a hat & sunscreen, if you’re in a rip, float, be calm and a lifeguard will come and get you, and come down and enjoy Bondi – It’s a great place to be!"

Jethro James
"Top 3 tips? Leave your ego at home, bring 50+ sunscreen, and don’t look at the lifeguards – We’re an odd-looking bunch, and it’s no good (laughs)!"

Dean ‘Deano’ Gladstone
"My biggest tip for down here? Common sense. If you’ve been drinking all night, just take it easy, don’t go swimming. -If it’s a really hot day drink some water – It’s fairly basic, but common sense isn’t so common sometimes!"

Michael ‘Mouse’ Jenkinson
"The top 3 tips to survive a summer on Bondi would have to be sunscreen, swimming in between the flags, and enjoying a nice frosty beverage up off the beach after your day at the beach."