Greatest Lessons Learnt as a Lifeguard

Lessons learnt by lifeguards may just be what saves you!

Life is full of lessons, but what is learnt on the job as a lifeguard can be invaluable. We ask the Bondi Rescue lifeguards, 'what is the greatest lesson you've learnt while being a lifeguard?'

Aaron Buchan
"There is always more to learn."

Andrew 'Reidy' Reid
"Not everyone has grown up at the beach and knows how to swim, so we need to be understanding."

Christopher 'Chappo' Chapman

Corey 'Baggins' Oliver
"As weird as it may sound but taking your time and reading the situation at hand. And use plenty of sunscreen."

Daniel 'Beardy' McLaughlin
"You should always assume nobody can swim."

Jackson Doolan
"Never get caught not paying attention because it’s usually those dark, quiet and gloomy days when the serious rescues occur."

Joel Bevilacqua
"The greatest lesson I’ve learnt at Bondi is probably how to deal with all the people. The guys have got systems in place: ways of scanning the beach; ways of breaking up the swimmers with extra sets of flags; places to position the buggies on certain days. They are all little things that only experience can teach you and it seems like each of the boys have their own little piece of wisdom to pass on."

Juliana Bahr-Thomson
"Patience and calmness… It's still a working progress!"

Kailan 'KC' Collins

Max 'Maxy' Ayshford
"How to deal with other people."

Rod 'Kerrbox' Kerr
"Never go into a rescue without letting other teammates know."

Tommy Fraser
"Just be yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."