Five Things To Love About Aussie Drama Bed Of Roses

We just dropped a bunch of EPIC tv shows and we’re excited to announce that Bed of Roses is back babyyy!

The much-loved Aussie drama, which was nominated for several Logie and AFI awards, attracted a record number of viewers when it was originally released in 2008.

All three seasons are currently sitting on 10 play, ready for you to binge. And here are five reasons why you should do that.

The Story, Duh!

Louisa Atherton (Kerry Armstrong) is a 49-year-old who has a seemingly perfect life. She lives in a massive house, has a wealthy husband, a beautiful teenage daughter and gets pretty much anything she desires.

That is, until her husband dies in the arms of another woman. Ouch. After his death, she discovers he was in debt. So, with no house or money, she retreats to her mother’s place in Rainbows End where she works at getting her life back together.

Uhm, Kerry Armstrong

Is there much else to say? Kerry’s a phenomenal actress who brings so much raw emotion to the screen. Her performance as Louisa is remarkable and watching her experience life’s ups and downs is very entertaining. Oh, and she was one of the lucky celebs to be on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Season 4, so we stan.

The Feel-Good Effect

Bed Of Roses is a drama-slash-comedy, so there are quite a few LOL moments peppered throughout the series. It presents challenging times in a fun, light-hearted way and you may find yourself relating to an episode or two.

The Great Life Lessons

Behind every obstacle is a lesson to learn, and this story has so many obstacles. But throughout the seasons, its beautiful to watch Louisa grow as a character. She is no longer a spoilt trophy wife, but she becomes an independent, compassionate and hardworking woman who forges a better life for herself and her family.

So, the ultimate lesson here is:

It’s The PERFECT Show To Binge-Watch!

If you’re like us, you’re surely running out of shows to binge thanks to all the time spent indoors recently. If you’re looking for a new show to start watching, this is the one.