Will Jarrod Get His Girl?

Last seen forlornly wandering the beach following the Bachelorette rejection he never saw coming, Jarrod puts his heart back out there when he enters Paradise.

And all the signs say this love story has a very different ending....

Bachelor in Paradise Australia, season 1, channel ten

Jarrod's here. Jarrod's here. Jarrod's here.

We've all been dying for Jarrod to arrive, and it looks like we're not the only ones. Jarrod's hot property in Paradise; so hot that Tara feels compelled to announce his arrival thrice, and Keira's jaw well and truly hits the floor, suggesting she'd like nothing more than to see romance bloom.

Bachelor in Paradise Australia, season 1, channel ten

He's a whole new Jarrod

'Play it cool, Jarrod!' we implored during his ill-fated courtship with Sophie Monk. This time, however, Mr Woodgate might just be heeding our advice. Don't expect the crestfallen Bachelor we saw at the conclusion of The Bachlorette; "I'm gonna take it a bit easy," he says ahead of his time in Paradise. "The guys are gonna see a whole new Jarrod." Which one the girls get remains to be seen.

Bachelor in Paradise Australia, season 1, channel ten

He's surrounded by "stupidly hot girls"

The ratio of girls to guys alone says Jarrod stands a better chance at finding love second time around. And it looks like he fancies nurturing a pot plant with at least two of them…

Bachelor in Paradise Australia, season 1, channel ten

A love triangle? He's in it

Prepare yourself for a battle of the blondes, as both Ali and Keira set their sights on restoring Jarrod's heart back to full health. But as all three know all too well, not everyone's a winner in the game of love, and from the glimpses of tears and tear-ups we've seen so far, someone's headed for heartbreak.

He's got 'proposal' written all over him

Speculation continues to swirl around exactly who pops the question. But given his romantic history, and tendency to fall hard and fast, it has to be Jarrod… right?