The Odds Were Stacked Against Bachelor In Paradise's Newcomer Tim Lindenmayer

Walking into Paradise is difficult enough already, but the Paradise gods were not on newcomer Tim's side as he wandered almost directly into a Rose Ceremony.

For the first time, Paradise introduced three men who had not previously appeared on the series before - Chris, Conor and Tim.

The trio had a lot of work to do, with the rest of the gang already familiar with each other from their time on the show (or their Instagram DMs), and a Rose Ceremony happening soon after their arrival. Not only that but the women had the power, meaning it was pretty likely that at least one of the newcomers may be on the chopping block.

Speaking to 10 play, Tim also admitted that he never actually applied for the show.

"Actually it was a few of my mates' wives that banded together and filled out the application," the 30-year-old aircraft engineer said with a laugh.

"I had no idea until I got a phone call from a producer. I nearly hung up," he said. Before his arrival, Tim had never even watched an episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

"I had watched a bit of Honey Badger's season because he was funny, and every now and then you maybe catch an episode but I had never watched Paradise," he admitted.

"I had no idea who these people were at all."

Thankfully, before Tim, Chris (Gilly) and Conor walked in, he got a bit of a briefing from a fellow newcomer.

"Gilly filled me in on a couple of people that were rumoured to be going in, but it also didn't take very long to work everyone out," he said.

Meeting a few of the faces it also became pretty clear that many people in Paradise were already coupled up.

"I didn’t have long at all to try and chat to people and the girl I really found the most attractive was Britt," he said, "and she was already pretty strong with Timm, so I left that. I didn’t have time to try and convince her!

"I was like wow, this is a bit of a stitch-up. Not only do we go in, it’s into a Rose Ceremony straight away," Tim said. "And we don’t have the roses to give out, we’re supposed to have gotten some. That’s a tough gig!"

Despite his short but sweet time in Paradise, Tim didn't hesitate to say he'd give it another go, and didn't just draw the line at returning to Paradise either.

"I reckon. It was great, I'd do it again it was just too short! I really wish I had another day to find my ground. I definitely would have a crack at Bachelorette, I think you get a little bit more of a chance," he said.

"But we’ll see what happens."

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