The Most Memorable Moments From Bachelor In Paradise This Season

Includes belly-flopping, tossing rings into the Pacific Ocean and women supporting women.

Bachelor in paradise 2020

Alisha and Glenn being in love from beginning to end

So, we couldn’t just pick ONE fave moment from these lovebirds. Everything they did together tugged at our heartstrings, like the undeniable chemistry on their first date, to Glenn standing up for Alisha in front of the entire group at an intense Bula Banquet, to their body painting / bath make-out sesh, to meeting each other’s families. IT WAS ALL JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!

Party Britt belly flopping into the pool while trying to jump on an inflatable ball

What they said

Mary teaching Conor how to dance

In another episode of ‘The Cutest Couple Ever’, Mary showed Conor and his two left feet how to salsa and we gotta say, the boy has some decent moves for someone who claims they don’t know how to dance!

Conor and Mary 2020 Bachelor In Paradise

Jake leaving Paradise to his win back his ex/love of his life

Is it just us, or was watching Jake leave mid-Rose Ceremony to return home and fight for his ex, Megan Marx, a bit of a turn on?

Keira refusing to build a raft

But Alex actually really wanting to build a raft and looking like a kid who just got told he couldn’t have Maccas for dinner.

Bachelor in paradise 2020

Brittney getting a pash from Jackson after saying “does that mean you’re pursuing me?”

Bachelor in paradise 2020

Brittney’s back, back again! Finally out of the friend zone YEAH JACKSON HOW YOU DOIN’, SEXY?

Brittney then getting a non-friendship rose from Jackson


Bachelor in paradise 2020

Look, it was a bit touch and go for Britt, but our girl persisted until she finally got a taste of what she came to Paradise for – a cute guy who could appreciate her fine self.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t progress in the outside world, so you’ll now find us campaigning for #brittneyforbachelorette2021.

Scot and Mia getting lost at sea on an enormous inflatable flamingo

If your 18-hours-and-counting relationship can survive this, it can survive anything

Renee checking up on Jess before Ciarran and Kiki came back from their date

Despite the constant heartache of watching/hearing Ciarran hook up with multiple women literally weeks after breaking up, Renee held her head high and showed us just how much of a class-act woman she is by checking in on Jess and giving her advice, as Jess was struggling with Kiki’s arrival and her overnight date with Ciarran. That’s the kinda empowerment we love to see!

Alex swimming into Paradise

Is it a bird? Is it Jack Dawson’s remains? No, it’s just Alex swimming for dear life, hoping not to drown on his way onto shore. The things we do for love!

Niranga stuffing his face with a burger

If there was ever a picture to describe someone living their best holiday life and giving absolutely no f***s, it’s this right here:

Bachelor in paradise 2020

Mary accidentally dropping to L-word in front of Conor’s mum

OMG this was so wholesome and sweet, but also can you IMAGINE meeting your partner’s mum for the first time and telling her you love him before you’ve actually told him?!

Bachelor in paradise 2020

Jamie asking "how bad is it if I crack a red?" at the table before the women arrived

LOL. The poor guy was dying for a bevvie after a long day in the sun. At least he had the respect to ask first.

Bachelor in paradise 2020


Renee throwing that damn ring into the ocean and celebrating with Alisha after


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