The 411 On The New Bachelor In Paradise Arrivals

For the first time in Bachelor In Paradise Australia history, three complete strangers to the franchise will join the ranks in Fiji for their chance at finding love. So, who exactly are Tim, Chris and Conor?

Country boy Tim hails from South Australia and works as an aircraft engineer. While the perks of his job sees him flying all over the world for months at a time (except for in 2020, ‘cause, ya know…), the 30-year-old has yet to find the girl of his dreams due to his hectic lifestyle and living between two states.

While he currently refers to his Ducati as his ‘bae’, Tim is looking for a fun and intelligent woman who leads a fit and healthy lifestyle, and revealed he has his eye on Brittany because she’s classy and has “amazing eyes”. Could this mean competition for Timm with two M’s? We kinda hope not, because we’re REALLYYYY digging #timmnay (or is it #tittnay?).

32-year-old Process Technician Chris from Western Australia has a “live and let life” approach to life, and when he’s skipping leg day, you can find him with his family, friends and THE most goodest doggo in all the land!

His name is Ledge, and he’s the fluffiest Golden Retriever we ever did see


Ok ok… Where were we?

Ah yes, Chris!

While he’s only 170cm tall, Chris loves a lanky lass and is confident that size doesn’t matter, as his genuine intentions and likeable personality are enough to win over someones heart. He’s also a self-confessed competitive guy, so he has no issues in making another Bachelor work for the girl he has his eye on. Will Paradise be the place he finds his perfect match?

Joining the others for a shot at lurrve is 29-year-old Conor from Tassie. He’s a savvy entrepreneur who’s kicked a bunch of careers goals yet has remained scoreless in the love department.

While he admits he is afraid of rejection, he’s not afraid of living with regrets, and hopes to find a connection with an independent woman who walks to the beat of her own drum.

You know who enjoys walking to the beat of their own drum and dancing to the sound of their own singing? LIT-NEYYY YASSS! Could these two become a hot new item? We’re gonna have to wait and see!

Meet The New Bachelor In Paradise Arrivals, 7.30 Tonight on 10 and 10 play