Paradise Fan Favourite Niranga Amarasinghe Responds To Campaign To Have Him As The Next Bachelor

Following one of the most emotional cocktail parties, Niranga Amarasinghe left Paradise.

Though he and Cass Mamone had been trading "friendship roses", after the pair went on a fire dancing date, Cass made it (brutally) clear Niranga wouldn't be getting her rose at the upcoming Rose Ceremony.

Despite ending on a particularly emotional night, Niranga told 10 play, overall, he loved his time in Paradise.

"I think it was more of a holiday for me because I didn't really find a connection, but it was a good time while I was there... getting drinks and food," he said with a laugh, adding, "that was probably the best part".

Heading into Paradise after his time on Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette, Niranga was pretty open to the prospect of finding love in Fiji.

Though he left Paradise without a connection, the 29-year-old had managed to make several new friendships on top of strengthening those with his fellow Bachelors from his season.

"I think only Jake and the cleanskins weren't from our season, so the rest of us all knew each other," he said, "it was like a boys trip."

During his final cocktail party he and Mary Viturino embraced, both in tears.

"I had never met or spoken to Mary at all [before Paradise]. We just made this beautiful friendship," he said.

"She’s such a loving mother and I think she took a couple of us boys in, took us under her wing, gave us some motherly love and some good chats on what we should be looking for and what we shouldn’t be."

And while he didn't find his love story, Niranga's sharp one-liners and commentary cemented him as a fan favourite, with many calling for him to become the next Bachelor following Locky Gilbert.

Though he described himself as "single... very single, actually," Niranga wasn't entirely sold on the idea, breaking the nation's hearts.

"I think after this experience, and after Bachelorette, I'm happy finding love the old-fashioned way," he said. "I think I'm more content with that. I think I've met more genuine people.

"I think a lot of people chase a status, it's not always about love, which is a shame because that never really lasts. So I'm after the old-fashioned way. I'm set. I'm 30 next year but I won't be going on any shows."

Though Paradise was filmed prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, returning home from filming the pandemic had a dramatic impact on Niranga's life - especially his work with his charity NA-Sri Lanka Outreach - Kids in Need.

Niranga launched a clothing line where all profits would go towards hospital equipment, clothes, school supplies and food and water for children in need in Sri Lanka.

"We had a charity event planned, a big one on the Gold Coast, a lot of celebrities were going to come and really kick it off but the restrictions kicked in," he explained.

"I've got a lot of friends that have been affected by [COVID-19]," he continued adding that the pandemic's grip on Australia earlier in the year inspired him to also focus on charitable efforts close to home.

"We donated to a charity in Brisbane to help people around the community - just to buy groceries or pay a bill for them. We thought, help the people around us for now and we'll concentrate on it down the track."

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