Osher Hosts Tell-All Exposé After Paradise

Unlock juicy secrets and unseen footage in After Paradise, your ultimate Bachelor In Paradise companion show, only on tenplay.

Where better to go after Paradise than After Paradise? Exclusive to tenplay, join your host Osher Günsberg following each Rose Ceremony episode of Bachelor In Paradise, as he speaks to the key players and gets all the goss from the week’s most talked about moments. As well as interviews with your favourite Bachelors and Bachelorettes, After Paradise promises surprise guests, exclusive behind-the-scenes news, hilarious unseen footage (even the cast weren’t aware of), and a full rundown on all the dates, love triangles, tears and tantrums.

The first instalment of After Paradise hits tenplay after tonight’s Rose Ceremony, so if you want the inside story on the episode where the girls hold the power, and the first Bachelors pack their bags, tenplay is the only place to be.

Watch After Paradise after each Rose Ceremony, only on tenplay