'It Cut Me Like A Knife': Jessica Brody Says Ciarran Stott Barely Made Eye Contact With Her In Her Final Days In Paradise

After walking through the gates of Paradise and into the arms of Ciarran Stott, things seemed pretty sweet for Jess Brody.

The pair seemed like one of the more solid couples in Paradise, but this week viewers saw a series of unfortunate events spell the end for Jess and Ciarran.

First being struck with gastro, Jess was put into isolation to recover, returning to Paradise only to hear Ciarran had spent the night in his ex's bed. Before she had much time to digest that revelation, Kiki Morris walked through the gates.

"I was definitely nervous about Kiki coming in," Jess told 10 play over the phone.

"Ciarran had told me he had interests in her, but I had asked him whether or not he was using me as a stepping stone to Kiki and he explicitly told me that was 100 percent not the case.

"I had trust in him that it was going to be okay," Jess continued, "he told me he wasn't using me until she got there. I trusted him, obviously that wasn't the case."

Kiki swept Ciarran away for an overnight date where the pair instantly solidified their connection, while Jess was left in Paradise wondering where she stood. Upon their return, she knew almost instantly.

"I could instantly feel that he was colder towards me. That cut me like a knife. I just knew that something was really wrong," she said. After he and Kiki returned, Ciarran didn't speak to Jess until she ultimately pulled him aside.

"For him to not respect me enough to come straight to me and talk to me straight away really, really hurt," she said. "I had put a lot of trust and faith in this boy and he just didn’t come through the way I thought he would."

Though the show was filmed months ago and Jess has had time to process, having the show finally air has brought feelings back to the surface.

"I thought it would be old news, I'd be okay and healed but re-watching has been really tough," she admitted.

"I don't think you ever get over being abandoned or rejected by someone. It always sticks in the back of your mind. Watching it play out on TV and seeing some comments being made for the first time... it really does suck.

"I've definitely had a few tears over a few episodes, so it's not over for me, but I'm stronger each day that goes past, I'm better than the day before. I'll be fine by tomorrow," she said, adding with a laugh "after a couple of wines".

After a date card landed in her lap, Jess decided to take Alex McKay on a date. The pair seemed to hit it off, giving her hope that she might still score a rose at the upcoming ceremony.

"I just wanted him to see that I was there for the right reasons," Jess said. "I did want to find love and I did want to explore things with him further and I wasn't just there for Instagram followers. I really did want to get to know Alex.

"I was hoping he'd see that and give me a rose," she continued.

Sadly it wasn't meant to be, and Jess joked that she should have known all along she'd be going home.

"When I went home on my season of The Bachelor i wore the exact same red lipstick that I wore at the Rose Ceremony. Maybe that was my undoing. I need to throw it into a ravine - I don't ever want to see it again," she said, laughing.

Though she joked about being bad at dating in the real world, and "massively failing" on both The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Jess did admit that heading into Paradise resulted in showing the country more of who she really is.

"Going into Bachelor I was so concerned with being 'the first tattooed girl', this 'different' kind of person from the usual Bachelor woman. When I went into Paradise I was like I'm just going to be myself," she said

"Like, yes, I look like this, I've lived this life and I am that person. But I'm also a soft, genuine, loving, intelligent, multi-faceted woman - as we all are.

"I'm glad I got to show Australia that woman. I really did get hurt and felt heartbroken, so to have this outpouring - I've had so much support and so much love - just to get that from Australia is so, so nice. I am really grateful.

"All the pain and all the bulls**t was worth it in the end to show that I am this bad b**ch, and that's okay."

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