'I'm Going To Go Fight For Who I Love': Jake Ellis Reveals What Happened After He Walked Out Of Paradise

Jake Ellis is no stranger to Bachelor in Paradise after appearing on the first season.

Coupling up with Megan Marx, the pair decided to forego the Commitment Ceremony and left together instead to explore their connection in the real world.

The pair were together for a few years, though things came to an end and - finding himself single once again - Jake ventured back to Paradise to see if he could once again find a spark.

"Obviously I found love with Megan," he told 10 play over the phone, "and that was very real for me. We had a very real relationship for a few years.

"It didn't work out, so I guess my fond memories and experiences of finding love that way made me believe that it could happen again."

Instead, Jake found himself becoming increasingly frustrated with the way Rose Ceremonies were operating. Others in Paradise had begun trading "friendship roses", strategising and forming rose alliances so they could stay in Paradise hoping someone else would arrive.

"Season 1 I was in drama, I was in love and I really put my heart into it, took every chance I could, and saw [Paradise] for what it was," Jake said.

"When it came to the next Rose Ceremony people started talking like, 'I'll give you a rose to keep you here so you can potentially speak to someone else,' it defeated the purpose.

"As the day went on, leading into the Rose Ceremony, there was no one I really wanted to receive a rose from," he admitted. "I didn't want to take a rose from someone that genuinely wanted to be there."

"It dawned on me, it made me realise what I do want and reminded me of what I had found in Season 1," he continued.

"I knew I was done, and there was nothing there for me."

During the Rose Ceremony, Jake interrupted, asking if he could say a few words. Addressing the others, Jake didn't hold back encouraging them to shake off the reliance and safety of trading friendship roses.

"I feel like there are a few people here that are just taking it easy rather than taking a shot," he said at the time.

"If you don't feel a connection, that’s fine, but don't do it at the expense of not giving yourself a chance of exploring something because otherwise, you’re just wasting your own time being here."

Bringing his experiences back once again to Season 1, Jake also made the bold announcement, "I did find love and if anything, this experience has taught me that I'm still in love.

"I'm going to take a chance. I'm going to go fight for who I love and who I'm in love with."

After he walked out of Paradise, Jake said he was "high off realising" he was still in love with Megan and reached out to her immediately once he had returned home.

"That's something I wanted to fight for... we've been taking it as it comes and trying not to make the same mistakes that we've made in the past," he said.

So the big question lingered, are Jake and Megan back together?

"I think it's more a wait-and-see," he said, coyly, "See what happens. We're taking things very slowly."

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