'I Wish I Had Lied': Janey Birks' Three Hilarious Paradise Regrets

It had been several years since Janey Birks had her Cinderella moment on The Bachelor and now, heading into Paradise, she was hoping for her fairy-tale ending.

Sadly, it wasn't meant to be and during the very first Rose Ceremony of the season, Janey sadly was sent packing alongside Abbie Chatfield.

Speaking to 10 play over the phone after she was sent home Janey said she had three main regrets with her short time in Paradise.

"Most people were from the recent seasons so they either knew each other or knew of each other," Janey said, "I wasn't expecting anyone to know who I was but I also wish because no one did know who I was... I wish I had lied."

Laughing, Janey continued, "that's my main regret. I wish I had been like, 'Oh yeah I was actually the very first Bachelorette. Did you guys not watch it?' That would have been so good! But I told everyone the truth. Womp womp."

Feeling almost at a disadvantage for being one of the lesser-known faces, Janey said she had more work to do attempting to make initial connections with the Bachelors.

"Before you go in [to Paradise] they ask you who you're excited to see and I knew I wouldn't be on anyone's list," Janey explained.

"That makes it harder, if they have people on a list who is actually there. I'm sure everybody would have at least one person, and then also me. I saw it as a disadvantage... but I should have used it as an advantage and lied! You live and you learn.

"On my Tinder I can have a picture from The Bachelor and just be like, 'Oh yeah, I came second,' no one needs to know!" she said, laughing.

Admitting that her list was very, very lengthy Janey's second regret was that there was one face she didn't get to see: late arrival Keira Maguire.

"I really wanted Keira to come! Not because I wanted to date her but because I want her to be on every show I watch," Janey said of her Season 4 co-star.

"I know no one knew who I was but if Keira didn't know who I was, for some reason that would be like the most exciting thing to ever happen to me. I would love her to introduce herself to me and not even remember me from our season."

Unfortunately, Janey left paradise before Keira arrived, she also left before she was able to really form any connections with the bachelors, something she hopes can be remedied with another shot.

"I think I should get another go! I'm trying to start a campaign," Janey said before revealing her third regret.

"Not enough footage of me in a bikini!

"You don't know how devastated I am about that. I really thought there'd be more. Like, if I'm going to go home early, at least do some advertising for me and the people back in Brisbane!"

Jokes aside, Janey said walking into the first Rose Ceremony she said a little prayer, hoping the gods of Paradise would work their magic for her to stick around a little longer, but admitted she was pretty sure she was heading home.

"It's not like I gave up, it was definitely right before the Rose Ceremony when I realised it wasn't looking good," she said.

For Janey, the Rose Ceremony was difficult because she had hoped to have made a genuine connection in the first few days, rather than cross her fingers for a rose from someone as a strategic move.

"I didn't want to feel like anyone was giving me a rose because we've made an alliance, I wanted to get a rose because someone had feelings for me," she said.

"As much as I could have joined in those conversations and been more strategic, I didn't want it to be like that. I wanted to be there if I made a genuine connection," Janey added.

Despite not making a connection, the effervescent children's entertainer simply summed up her biggest regrets.

"I should have lied, I should have maybe been in a bikini the whole time and I wish I got to see Keira and that she didn't recognise me."

Fingers crossed, there's always next year!

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