'I Got Caught Up In It': Timm Hanly Explains Why He Needed To Leave Paradise

After becoming a fan favourite during his time on The Bachelorette, Timm Hanly says his time in Paradise has been "a little confronting".

After another explosive Bula Banquet, Timm and Matt Whyatt clashed on the beach, as things escalated into a shouting match that forced security to intervene.

The next morning Timm made the decision to leave Paradise early, walking out hand-in-hand with Britt Hockley who he had made a connection with on day one.

"The environment was bringing out the worst in me," Timm told 10 play over the phone, "I was seeing sides of myself I didn't really like, things that I was doing that I knew wasn't me.

"I was getting caught up in the drama and it was... deadset uncomfortable. I just got caught up in it."

Initially, Timm admitted, he wasn't keen to give Paradise a shot. Having only just wrapped up his time on The Bachelorette where he made it to the final two, the heartbreak was still fresh.

"To go straight into it again, I just wasn't ready for it," he said, adding, "I think it shows on screen, the headspace I was in. I was just doing it a bit tough every day. I wasn't in the right place."

Though the drama became too much to resist, Timm's time in Paradise was also sweetened with almost instant connection he made with Britt.

"Britt was definitely a safe-space for me in there," he said, "and I did think it was very real in there, but I was battling some demons in myself [in Paradise] and I think I took them into the outside. That's why me and Britt didn't really work."

Though Timm and Britt gave it a shot after leaving Paradise, Timm admitted he wasn't in the right headspace, and things quickly deteriorated.

"Bachelorette had just finished airing the finale, I was in the public eye and everyone knew who I was," he said, "then I was trying to hide this relationship with Britt... I just couldn't handle it. It was too much for me."

While most of Bachelorette was airing, Timm was in Fiji filming Bachelor in Paradise, so he missed the outpouring of love and newfound fame as the brokenhearted runner-up.

"I came out [of Paradise] to a drinking scene, partying with all my friends because I thought I was a rockstar. You do what any 27-year-old bloke does, go out there and party, live it up.

"That was a big part of going into Bachelor in Paradise, that I didn't want to be that person again because I had learned from that," he said, adding, "I've been sober for about four months now."

Trying to handle the new world he found himself in, Timm admitted, "Unfortunately I did hurt Britt... It's not how I wanted it to be."

Reflecting on the clash with Matt on Sunday night, Timm posted a video explaining his disappointment in his own actions. He also said watching the show back has forced him to learn a few lessons the hard way.

"I just wanted to hit the nail on the head straight away, I could see that I f***ed up.

"I've had a pretty good look in the mirror at a few of my moral judgments and can say that I've learned from them," Timm added. "I think I stood really strong by Ciarran just because that's how I am as a mate, but I think sometimes you're blinded by loyalty, and I think that showed."

Though Timm and Britt's relationship didn't stand the test of the real world, Timm revealed he's currently off the market.

"I'm happily in a relationship, which is going well," he said adding with a laugh, "No more dating shows."

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