How Glenn Has Quickly Become The New Bachelor In Paradise Favourite

Who woulda thunk it?! That guy from Angie’s season you couldn’t even remember has now become one of Paradise’s most talked about Bachelors. Here’s why we’re absolutely frothing over Glenn this year.

He’s A Catch

Ciarran aside, Glenn is one of the only Bachelors so far who has made an impression on more than one girl. At the first Bula Banquet dinner, both Mary and Helena admitted that he is definitely husband material during a round of ‘Friend, Kiss, Marry’.

The two girls managed to sneak some alone time with blonde hottie afterwards, with Mary gushing over how “sexy” he is, and even revealed that she had put “all her eggs on Glenn’s basket”. Helena was also impressed, stating that he was totally her “type of guy”.

And the compliments didn’t just stop there, with new arrival Alisha announcing that she was “locked onto Glenn” without having had a single conversation with him. Talk about being a hit with the ladies!

Glenn Bachelor In Paradise 2020

He’s Upfront About His Feelings

Playing games with people’s hearts isn’t part of Glenn’s repertoire, and so far he’s been completely transparent about the way he feels.

After deciding to explore his feelings with Alisha, Glenn took the high road and pulled Helena aside for a chat. He admitted that while he enjoyed the time they spent together, he only saw her as a friend and that there was “nothing more than that” for him. While this revelation left Helena feeling a little disappointed, we can’t help but appreciate his complete honesty. Time is scarce in Paradise, and there is NOTHING worse than leading someone on.

Glenn Bachelor In Paradise 2020

He also hasn’t held back on going after what he wants, and that’s Alisha. He planned a cute AF first date for her, complete with massages and champagne, and the chemistry between them was HOTTTT!

He’s Got No Qualms About Putting You In Line

He’s A Great Mate With A Bitta Sense In Him

Tensions were running high during THAT explosive Bula Banquet dinner during Episode 3. Exes came face-to-face, uncomfortable questions involving cheating came up and Ciarran stormed off, all before Jamie had a chance to crack open a bottle of red!

Yet Glenn proved just how much of a bloody good mate he is by holding space for Ciarran while he cried and not judging him for any of his past wrongdoings. Instead of amping up the drama, he tried to diffuse the situation by encouraging Ciarran to take Renee aside and discuss their issues, away from the group.

We can’t wait to see what else Glenn has in store for us!

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