Forget The Bachelor In Paradise Drama, Conor And Mary’s Relationship Is What We’re Here For

While the guys argue over bro codes and snakes, Conor and Mary are just chilling out, getting all cute and loved up and we are honestly here. For. It!

Do you believe in synchronicities? ‘Cause we sure do. The stars aligned for Mary this year, who came to Paradise for a second shot at love after not finding a connection with Matt Agnew on last year’s season of The Bachelor.

Normally, someone like Conor wouldn’t have even BEEN in Paradise, because in previous years we have never had a bunch of random guys, independent from the franchise, be a part of all the action. If the rules hadn’t changed this year, Mary may have possibly missed out on finding a beautiful connection. So, thank you Bachy Gods for mixing things up a little!

And, if that wasn’t enough to turn your spiritual side on, Conor may have not have even tried to pursue Mary had Brittney not ended up with the dreaded Fiji belly just before their planned date, or Keira didn’t show her feisty side at the Bula Banquet. It’s almost as if the universe conspired to keep all the other girls out of Conor’s way so that Mary could come GET HER MANS!

They Are Both Genuinely Here For Love

Both Mary and Conor are not interested in playing games. Mary has a daughter back home, and she wouldn’t have left her twice had she had ulterior motives. She expressed that she’s looking for someone “long-term” that she can share her life with and is not interested in a “summer fling”. Thankfully Conor is on the same page, telling her that he’s at a point in his life where he has worked “really hard” on his business and wants to make a relationship his priority.

Conor could be someone I can see a future with because I really like him.
Conor and Mary 2020 Bachelor In Paradise

Conor Totally Accepted Mary’s ‘Secret’

On their first date, Mary was super nervous to reveal that she had a daughter. She was unsure of how Conor was going to react and specified that it’s “really important” that the guy she ends up is ok with her having a kid. Conor got rid of any and all the doubts she had by reassuring her that he's not deterred at all. Having come from a blended family himself, Conor knows how important the stepfather role is and it wouldn’t be a responsibility that he would “take lightly”. OMG can we just appreciate how wholesome Conor is? It’s been so refreshing to have someone like him in Paradise.

Mary has been so honest with me since I came to Paradise, and we find it so easy to open up and share with each other, which has been so refreshing.

Conor Wanting To Learn How To Salsa = EVERYTHING

Learning how to dance is hard. Learning how to dance when you KNOW you’re on national TV because you wanna impress your woman is just the beautiful content we wanna see!

Conor and Mary 2020 Bachelor In Paradise

We all know that Mary’s hips don’t lie, and she could quite possibly win a twerk-off against Shakira. Dancing is in her bones, so when Conor asked her to teach him how to salsa we just couldn’t stop smiling. We can’t imagine how nerve-racking it would have been for sweet Conor to build up the courage to ask her, but the two had an absolute ball and it further cements just how into each other they really are.

Finally, can we just appreciate this random shot of them snuggled up on the day bed while the boys almost start a fist fight over people dating on a dating show?

Conor and Mary 2020 Bachelor In Paradise

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