Bachelor In Paradise | Who Is Renee and Why All The Drama With Ciarran?

New arrival Renee is set to drop some truth bombs upon her arrival into Paradise. Don't know who she is? Here's the lowdown on Ciarran's ex-girlfriend and former The Bachelor contestant.

So, Who Is She?

You'd be forgiven for not remembering Renee from Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor. The stunning 26-year-old healthcare worker from the Northern Territory was an intruder but sadly sent home the very next day, with only a group date under her belt. The opposite could be said for her eccentric ex-boyfriend Ciarran, who won over Australia's hearts on Angie's season of The Bachelorette with his thick English accent, colourful outfits and cheeky charm.

What We Know About Their Relationship

We know that the two dated and lived together in Darwin, which is where their romance first blossomed. The relationship took an ugly turn when Renee discovered that Ciarran had cheated on her at a wedding, and they haven't been on good terms since. Renee's arrival is sure to cramp Ciarran's style, who has enjoyed the company of a few ladies so far.

Renee and Jess Are Friends

Girl code = not going near your mate’s ex or crush, and things are set to get superrrrr awkward when Renee rocks up to Fiji and sees friend and fellow The Bachelor intruder Jess cosying up to her ex. How will she feel seeing the happy couple? Will this result in drama between the girls, or will Renee accept that it’s time for both her and Ciarran to move forward and find new love?

What’s The Secret Ciarran Is Hiding?

Ciarran has already confessed to breaking Renee’s heart, and takes full responsibility for his actions, but according to this sneak peek, there’s something else he hasn’t shared with the group. We hear Renee saying, “None of these people know, while you were in the (Bachelorette) mansion, you were - (BEEEEEEEP)”.

Was he in a secret relationship the whole time? Did he lie about why he left? Was he interested in a crew member? The suspense is killing us!

One thing we know for sure is that we won’t have to wait much longer, as Renee will be making her grand entrance this Tuesday night. Grab yo snacks, grab a cocktail, cause the drama is gonna be spicy!

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