Bachelor In Paradise | Alisha Is This Season’s Ultimate Wingwoman

Alisha has escaped from under the infamous umbrella of ambiguity and flown to Fiji for another chance at love.

She’s only been there for a few days now, but she’s proven to be a great friend, protector and wingwoman for the other ladies on the island, particularly Brittney.

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If you’re new here, or simply forgotten the events of the last year, Alisha was committed to forming a serious relationship with 24-year-old Jules, yet he wanted their relationship to move forward in a completely non-committal way. He basically dumped Alisha in the “friends that kiss” pile, which is EXACTLY where every girl wants to be when they meet a guy they like, right?!

But love has been kinder to Alisha the second time around, with every girl’s dream man Greg - sorry, GLENN – sweeping her off her feet. Not only is he, like, completely smitten by her, but he couldn’t care less about keeping his options open for another girl. AND he stuck up for her in front of the entire group during Episode 5’s Bula Banquet. JULES WOULD NEVER!

She Wants Her Friends To Know Their Worth

Like the perfect wingwoman, Alisha just wants her fellow Bachy gals to find their perfect match. When it comes to Brittney and Jamie’s ‘situation-ship’, Alisha was “not impressed” that Jamie was playing the friendship-rose game with Brittney.

Alisha Bachelor In Paradise 2020

She admitted that she’s “pretty protective” of Brittney because of what happened between her and Ivan last year. So, being the loving and concerned friend she is, Alisha took her aside during Episode 4’s Cocktail Party and tried to encourage Brittney to give her to rose to Conor, someone who has shown genuine interest in her.

Brittney ultimately gave her rose to Jamie, but this didn’t stop Alisha from giving up on her friend and proving to her that she deserves a knight in shining armor, and not someone who wants to keep her around until the next best thing arrives.

Bachelor In Paradise

When Her Friends Hurt, She Hurts

Alisha is one to validate her friend’s feelings and, feeling frustrated that Brittney was being messed around, she straight up asked Jamie in front of the whole group if he saw “any potential with Brittney”. When Jamie couldn’t give a straight answer, Alisha broke down.

It’s super frustrating to watch Jamie throw out these mixed signals to Brittney, because he’s making Brittney feel this year the way that I felt with Jules last year. And, um…. like, it sucked.

While she was triggered by Jamie’s behaviour, it didn’t stop her pushing the issue with him further.

 She’ll Fight. For Your Right. To Love!

Jackson arrives in Paradise. Brittney is keen beans. Jamie suddenly starts to show more of a romantic interest in her. Alisha’s bulls**t detector goes off like a ’90s dance party.

In Tuesday night’s episode, Jamie gushed that he “can’t imagine not waking up next to Brittney”, and Alisha wasn’t having a SINGLE 👏🏽 BAR 👏🏽 OF 👏🏽 IT!

She wasn’t gonna let Brittney miss out at a chance at building a connection with an awesome guy, and she certainly wasn’t gonna let Jamie string her along any longer. She told Jamie if their relationship WAS completely platonic, then he should be encouraging his mate Jackson to “take Brittney on this date. She’s awesome”.

 He’s realised that if Jackson actually hits it off with Brittney, that he’s gonna likely be leaving Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise 2020

Jamie did NOT like that (but we were secretly cheering).

With a Rose Ceremony looming, will Alisha’s words strike a chord with Brittney? Will she go with her heart, or will she play the safe option? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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