Bachelor In Paradise 101

Because everything works a little differently in Paradise, here’s what you need to know ahead of Sunday’s hotly anticipated premiere of Bachelor In Paradise.

You’ve loved and lost with these people before.

That’s right, your favourite Bachelors and Bachelorettes are back. Gone are the fresh-faced intros of seasons past – you know these people and their (love stories). You put yourself in Jarrod’s shoes as he forlornly walked that beach, and felt Laurina’s pain as she was offered baked goods she considered beneath a classy Bachelorette. But rest assured, after Bachelor In Paradise, you’ll know all of them even better.

They’re not in the mansion anymore.

Like Dorothy taking stock of her colourful new surroundings, you’ll quickly see that the setting has changed to the stuff of fantasies. Fabulous Fiji promises towering palms, sparkling surf, pure white beaches, bronzed bodies and hopefully a fairy-tale ending or two.

bachelor in paradise

New arrivals mean new drama.

Bachelor In Paradise’s game of love is one of ever-shifting dynamics, so you can’t take any relationship for granted. While some who lay together may indeed stay together, the regular influx of new Bachelor and Bachelorettes to Paradise means that eyes will be caught, romantic bonds broken and the drama-o-meter regularly sent through the roof.

bachelor in paradise

Date Cards have never been so potent.

Competition for Date Cards is nothing new, but with some new arrivals coming armed with the power to whisk whoever they fancy away on an exotic date (provided they say yes, of course), existing relationships will be put to the ultimate test. Expect the green-eyed monster to be a perennial fixture in Paradise.

bachelor in paradise

There are Rose Ceremonies, but not as you know them.

No one person holds all the power in Bachelor In Paradise. Every second episode features a Rose Ceremony – but one will give the Bachelorettes the right to offer a coveted stem to the Bachelor of their choice, the next it’s the boys’ turn. And with odd numbers between the sexes, some will be left with nothing to kiss but Paradise goodbye.

bachelor in paradise