Alex McKay Teases That His Time In The Bachelor Franchise May Not Be Over

Swimming into Paradise (and our hearts), Alex made quite the splash, but it was his final rose that sent shockwaves across the country.

On Monday night, standing in front of three women - Keely, Cass and Keira - Alex made the bold decision to give his rose to Keira, despite the pair of them agreeing their connection had come to an end earlier that day.

Though he had become a fan-favourite ever since he appeared on the shore of Paradise like the Gold Coast's own Aquaman, it was a decision that made many fans turn on Alex.

"I don't know if I'm Australia's most favourite person with my choice of rose," Alex told 10 play, "but at the end of the day I said to Keira if it comes down to a friendship-based situation... I'd give it to her. So I stuck to my word."

"I didn't have any romantic feelings for Keely or Cass, even though [Keely] is probably more my type I soon realised there was nothing romantic there. I'm a person that sticks to my word so I chose to give my friendship rose to Keira."

It was a move that sealed Alex's fate as the very next day, Osher explained that there would be no more new arrivals in Paradise. With everyone else coupled up, it meant Alex and Keira could either forge ahead with their connection, or leave Paradise.

Then, Osher explained that the activity of the day would see each couple attempt to build a raft out of bamboo. That was enough for Keira to immediately pack her bags.

"I knew as soon as he said that, Keira would want to go home which made sense," Alex said. "I just don't think she wanted to get her hands dirty whereas, as a carpenter, I was looking forward to building this massive yacht and sailing the ocean," he added, laughing.

"That was my time to shine! But she was too worried about her manicure, I think."

Alex was clearly heartbroken - partly because he didn't get the chance to build a raft and partly because he was leaving his mates.

"I was having the time of my life in Paradise, I wasn't ready to go home but it wasn't a place to make friendships. It was for relationships, so I understood it was my time to go."

Though his and Keira's time in Paradise was less of a relationship and more of a tense agreement between the pair, Alex didn't seem to make deeper connections with any of the other women of Paradise, leaving him very few options.

"My number one pick was the new Bachelorette, actually," Alex admitted, "Elly! She was someone I was looking forward to seeing, but now I know why she wasn't there."

When asked if that means he'd be heading back into the Bachelorette mansion for his chance to meet Elly, Alex laughed. "Yeah, I might have to I think."

Adding that he'd "jump at" the opportunity to head back to Paradise or join another dating show, Alex said, "Both times have worked out well for me. Although it hasn't had the fairy tale finish... I guess they say third time lucky."

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