Two Years After Season 6 Aired, Bachelor In Paradise US Is Back

The drama, the romance, the sass - we can’t get enough of it.

Bachelor In Paradise US finally returned with a new season this week, and Twitter was obsessed. Here are the best Tweet reactions to everything that went down in episode one *chefs kiss*.

First, fans were absolutely obsessed with David Spade as host.

Especially his upfront style.

All the contestants were pretty chuffed to meet him too. Although some clearly had no clue... awkward!

Then, of course, there was the scalding hot tea that Tahzjuan dated Tre’s uncle. Excuse me?

And yet she still ended up kissing Tre, who is apparently a much better pash than his uncle. You go girl, live your best life.

And don’t forget that Tahzjuan was an icon well before this.

Twitter fans also banded around Grocery Store Joe after he had an existential crisis approximately half a millisecond into his time in Paradise.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, Joe.

Thankfully he seemed to bounce back pretty quickly.

Tweeters weren’t shy when it came to teasing Kenny, who somehow managed to last the whole day completely naked, about his age this season.

And finally, Queen Victoria, oh wait the queen is dead -- Goddess Victoria is back. And Connor wasted absolutely no time before absolutely ripping into her. Ouch.

Catch the all-new, fast-tracked season of Bachelor in Paradise US Tuesdays 4pm only on 10 play.