Retired AFL Player, 31

A former AFL player who played 98 games over a 12-year career with Carlton and Richmond Football Clubs, Shaun doesn’t feel like he ever really made it with his AFL career due to injuries that forced him into an early retirement.

Two games short of 100, Shaun was devastated to watch from the sideline as his team took out the 2017 premiership. But all his training and career goals have instilled in him the drive to take on Survivor, which has been a dream of his since he was 12.

“Besides the fact that I really didn’t achieve anything great in football, I have a lot of determination and drive to still leave a mark. I love this show and this is my chance. I’ve loved it from when I first saw the first season. It’s the perfect mix of physical, mental and strategic/social elements.”

Now a dad of two and the owner of a Melbourne café, Shaun wants to use his sportsmanship and love of teamwork to play with integrity but as a fan of the show, also knows what it takes to win. Shaun says; “In real life, my relationships and my word are incredibly important to me but this is a game of deception. If you aren’t prepared to be lied to or lie you shouldn’t be here.”