Highschool Teacher/Pro Wrestler, 29

With two very strong sides to his personality, Matt is a humble History teacher by day and by night, a hard talking, arrogant, pro wrestler under the alias of Matty Wahlberg.

Strategic, cocky and a self-professed, “21st Century Success Story,” Matt has applied for Survivor before but now has his moment taking on the Champions saying; “I’m an uncrowned Champion ready to prove myself.”

While he might play hard on his pro wrestling persona, there’s a definite soft side to Matt who knows how to look after people and make them feel comfortable thanks to his teaching history. He’s also previously been a lifeguard at Disneyworld and a camp counsellor.

Matt wants to try playing the game with integrity and not lying point blank to people’s faces but also knows you have to play hard to win big saying; “People respond to someone who played the game well and made moves, even if they were voted off. It is how to ensure you play with a good strategy to get votes at the end.

“I know I can win this. And I want to be at that final Tribal Council with someone who I can beat easily, which I’ll have already done by beating all worthy competitors.”