Travel Agent, 24

Daisy is a classic Aussie country woman. Raised in outback Western Queensland on her parents’ cattle station in a town of just 500 people, she was sent to boarding school as a child.

Moving away from her family and into a world of new people and learning to adapt is one reason Daisy thinks she’s got what it takes to win Survivor. “Boarding school massively shaped who I am as a person and gave me resilience at a really young age.

“Leaving your Mum when you’re so young and having to make a new family of friends is hard but it teaches you a lot about yourself.”

“I try really hard to win, I always give my best and I’m a lot of fun so I think I’ll do okay knowing I’m always doing my hardest. I’m not one to fly under the radar as I’m very loud and I’ve never been shy, so I do get myself into trouble for putting my foot in my mouth but I’m good in group situations.”

Daisy loves rugby, having a beer with mates and is currently working as a travel agent in Brisbane. She moved to Canada on her own and believes she’s a Contender through and through.

Daisy says; “I think people who have faced adversity tend to be more resilient and yes, that’s me as a battler and I think the Contenders will all be like that.”