Student, 23

Highly intelligent and a little bit awkward, Baden is currently studying his PhD on the physics of the ionosphere, which is the charged part at the very top of the earth’s atmosphere.

Baden lives and breathes science, which is not usually one of the strongest skill sets needed on Survivor but he’s hoping that he can find a middle ground to bond with people.

When it comes to challenges, he thinks he will be a key part of the tribe. “I think I’ll pull my own weight on the physical challenges but what I really think I can do is the puzzles. They do put a huge target on your back if you mess them up but I think I’ll do well at them.”

Baden applied for the series after seeing last year’s science genius Sam make it to Jury Villa and inspired him to try something way out of his everyday life.

Baden knows people might misjudge him thinking he’s weak but has been a member of surf lifesaving since he was seven so is hoping the water challenges will be one of his hidden strengths.

However, Baden thinks being underestimated can have its advantages saying; “An underdog is less likely to be targeted by others, prolonging their time in the game and that’s what I’m hoping will happen to me.”