Michelle, 33, Speech Pathologist, NSW

Mel is playing with identical twin sister Michelle, who she shares a “twin connection” with.

They’re able to know what each other are thinking and can even feel each other’s pain.

Michelle has built a career on communication and prides herself on catching people out in their lies. As a Speech Pathologist, she is confident her innate understanding of human behaviour will push her to find out what is driving her fellow tribe mates.

Why do you think you were chosen to be on Survivor?

I think it was because of the identical twin factor. You can see how competitive twins really are in real time!

What is your biggest fear on Survivor?

Getting eliminated before my sister. My dream is to beat her at her favourite game, and I would feel like I had not succeeded in my quest if I didn’t get to do that. pumping, and you know you are about to play a bloody tough but epic game.