Mel, 33, Chiropractor, Victoria

Mel is playing with identical twin sister Michelle, who she shares a “twin connection” with.

They’re able to know what each other are thinking and can even feel each other’s pain.

Melissa is a Survivor super-fan, who wears her heart on her sleeve but is a keen strategist and loves the psychology behind the game. As a social butterfly, Mel makes friends easily and is planning to make alliance a key part of her game plan.

What’s one thing people won’t expect from you?

I’m quite calculative, and an extreme over-thinker. If needed, I can cause chaos. I also get very hangry so we shall see what happens when the game starts!

Do you intend to make big moves?

Abso-freakin-lutely! If you even have a chance on going on the greatest show on earth and not going to make any big moves – why bother applying?