51, Project Manager, Queensland

Briana is competing for the title of Sole Survivor alongside her father, David. Briana says her dad is the skill crusher – the guy who is going to lay down the law while she is the entertainer and social butterfly.

As a Project Manager at a construction firm, David knows himself to be very strategic. He believes in getting the lay of the land, being flexible and making tough ruthless calls when need be.

Survivor is Briana’s dream, but one David is more than happy to follow saying: “I’ve been vortexed into this dream and I’m pumped. We’re gonna smash it because our relationship together is strong. We’re both ambitious, both fierce.”

What food/indulgence will you miss the most?

Good hearty red wine and aged soft cheese, coffee and almond croissants. Indulgence missed – massage, hot shower, face and body scrub.

What’s one thing people won’t expect from you?

No one will expect the ruthlessness. I’m a good guy but I hate disloyalty and losing.