53, Lime Farmer — Season 2

The sweet lime farmer from Queensland, Tarzan may not be the biggest strategist but he’s one of the most loved players in Australian Survivor history. Tarzan, aka Mark, became a father figure to his tribe and even gave up an Immunity Idol that he found to help his mate, Tessa.

This time, he’s learnt a few more tricks to playing the game but will still be the Tarzan people know and love. “My Survivor game plan is to become all things to all men and women, gain their confidence and have them take me as far in the game as possible. I might have to turn on people at some point, but I really will try not to and will kill me to do it.

“My biggest goal in all of this is to be in it from day 1 to 50 – either in the final two or somewhere in the Jury. I just want to be part of it all!”

Leaving his family at home, Tarzan likes to make the most of life and feels like Australian Survivor is the same. “I see this as an opportunity as the preparation for life. If you can do this at any level, you can do anything. I feel like it’s meant to be coming back for another round, I won’t take it for granted and I’m excited to see everything that might come from it.”

Watch Tarzan in Season 2 of Australian Survivor.