31, AFLW Footballer — Season 3

Back for redemption and a second chance for the win, Moana is excited to get to the island and get started. Feeling that she’s got some unfinished business, she’s not going to let this opportunity slide by.

Sadly for Moana, she was unwell during her season and left the game feeling like she hadn’t been able to give it her all. When the opportunity came to join All Stars, Moana was ready to go. “I’m the underdog. Nobody knows what I’m capable of and in some ways, being sick last time should make everyone underestimate me this time.

“I wasn’t able to play as hard as I would’ve liked in my first season, so I definitely have some unfinished business.”

Moana recently got married to her long-time partner, Bella so leaving her and her younger sister Vinny behind was a big decision. As the fulltime caretaker for Vinny, working full time and an advocate for AFLW, Moana always has a lot on her plate.

While her greatest fear on Australian Survivor is being eaten by a shark, Moana knows her more realistic concern is falling for what people tell her: “I can trust the wrong person and can be too nice.”

Moana is keen to see some of her old friends like Sharn, Lydia and Mat who she says became like a brother to her last time. They have remained close since.

Watch Moana in Season 3 of Australian Survivor.