37, Olympic Freestyle Skier — Season 3

One of the most competitive and accomplished physical players the show has seen, Lydia returns in full game mode. An Olympic Freestyle Skier, Lydia knows how to push herself to get to the end but had a rude surprise in her season when she was blindsided by Mat Rogers.

Coming back a little bit for revenge but mostly for a second chance, Lydia knows what she wants. “I need to trust my gut and act quickly on any red flags. I was definitely holding back last time, especially in Tribal Councils and I could have been more vocal in my opinion. “I don’t want to just be seen as a physical beast. I want to take risks, I want to come up with great ideas and plans and be a strong all-round player.”

As a fellow Olympian, Lydia has great respect for Season 2 winner Shane Gould, and still has great friendships with contestants like Sharn, who came runner up in their series.

When she’s not breaking world records and taking on challenges, Lydia is a mum of two and loves surfing near her home in the Victorian beachside of Lorne. If she wins All Stars, Lydia says she’ll use the money to, “Give back to my local community and help improve school and sports communities. I’d also like to go on a family holiday and invest for my kids.”

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