‘You Have To Play It’: Final Words Fall On Deaf Ears As Sam Gash’s Game Comes To An End

It was a game of duos, but now the last standing couple has finally been split as Sam Gash’s game came crashing down on Monday night.

Holding two hidden Immunity Idols between them, and with Mark wearing individual immunity, it seemed like Mark and Sam were unstoppable. But that all came to a halt when an attempt to flush one of their Idols saw Sam’s torch snuffed.

As Jonathan asked the tribe if anyone had an Idol they wanted to play, Josh turned to Mark and whispered he needed to play the Idol on Sam’s behalf, but Mark didn’t budge while Sam asked why Josh was so sure they needed to play it.

Josh, however, didn’t reveal that just moments prior he had written Sam’s name down in an attempt to finally flush at least one of the Idols he knew about, with the other still hotly debated among the tribe.

After a monumental game that proved her to be a strategic threat and absolute force to be reckoned with, Sam’s game finally came to an end, reuniting her with many people on the Jury she had a hand in phenomenally blindsiding.

From placing rogue votes on Sandra and making Dave a target early in the game, to her relationships with players like Khanh and Jesse who both trusted Sam enough to hand over immunity right before she blindsided them, Sam always seemed to be one step ahead of the game.

Unlike a handful of players this season, Sam didn’t leave with an Idol in her pocket, she left them in Mark’s possession, making him an absolute threat to everyone remaining in the game.

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